Krokotopia Beetle Locations

Hey I haven’t posted in a while but Chase has been asking for this so these are the beetle locations.

First is the First Oasis Beetle. It is on the right side of the Krokotopian Library.

Second is the Second Oasis Beetle. This one is behind the Robe and Deck shop.

Third is the Alter of Kings Beetle. Take the stairs that go to the Chamber of Fire and follow them to the blocked path. Behind the farthest sticking out brick is the beetle.

The Chamber of Fire beetle is kinda hard to find. When you get to Assistant Danforth go up three ramps and then turn right and follow it till you see the beetle.

Krokoshpinx Beetle is on the left side of the sphinx.

The Entrance Hall beetle is up the stairs by the Vault of Ice.

In Emporer’s Retreat the beetle is on the dock in front of the shop on the Frozen Lake.

Once you get out of the portal go behind it and the beetle is there.

To get to the Well of Spirits beetle you stay on the same floor you just go around the big sphinx head in the middle of the room.

Phew, okay, last one. Go to the raised platforms and take the right ones all the way to a shop with potted plants and it is right there in the door way.

Hope this helps!


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